TPB piston pumps for ceramic slips

The “Calibra” type pump comes from the need by the new ceramic production to make several and different products needing fast adjustments, remotely performed and coordinated with the other system control programs.

To do this, it has been necessary to adopt a control board (that was initially not necessary) complete with PLC in order to run the new devices fitted to the machine, such as: electronic pressure transducer for detecting outfeed pressure of the slurry. New hydraulic cylinders with built-in encoder for control of cylinder stroke by means of PLC.

New pump with variable capacity that works at the requested rate to offer an excellent performance and a good standard of energy saving, both in terms of electric energy and oil cooling. Hydraulic pump controlled by a proportional valve. Oil cooling system with standard air exchanger (optional in conventional pumps). These devices improve the efficiency of the machine that can thus guarantee a constant supply of slurry to the spray dryer. Furthermore, they make it easier to integrate the machine into the system’s automation. They allow for a lower energy consumption and there is no need for an operator to perform adjustments on the machine.

Piston pumps type “tpb 85 CE – tpb 88 CE

Pumps with plungers have been developed for supplying ceramic slurries to spray dryers and for the transport of slurries and dense liquid.

The pump is composed of

  • two pistons driven by two hydraulic cylinders
  • suction and delivery valves that can be easily removed for inspection or pump cleaning
  • an air accumulator
  • a pressure gauge
  • a pressure relief valve that enables operating
    pressure to be set at any value falling with the established limits
  • plus a safety valve

Pistons are coated with sintered alumina (this coating ensures durability and resistance to highly abrasive fluids) and feature gaskets made of special wear-proof material with a low friction coefficient.

Max Suction Height
(1.7 Km/dm³-slip)
3,5mt 3,5mt
Pumping Capacity 9.000lt/h 13.000lt/h
Working Pressure Range 5/30 bar 5/30 bar
Volumetric Efficiency 90% 90%
Installed Electrical Power’s Motor 15 kw 22 kw
Water Delivery (20°)
20 lt/l 20 lt/l
Pipings Connections
3/8″ gas 3/8″ gas
Hydraulic Oil Type (Viscosity 4″ Engler 4″ Engler
Power unit capacity 150 lt 150 lt
hydraulic pressure
180 bar 180 bar
hydraulic pressure
120 bar 120 bar
Net weight 1200 kg 1265 kg