Description augmentation systems and spare parts for sprayers

Augmentation systems for every need

Our company started its business with industrial installations and service only, acquiring a signifi cant experience in spray driers, too.
In the years, we learned that the spraying chambers in the spray driers of different dimensions or makes are oversized compared with the rated production of the machine at the original state.

To meet the space requirements of our customers, we have studied potentiation systems that ensure satisfactory production results with reduced investments in respect to the purchase of a new machine. For example, a spray drier with a capac- ity of 6.000 Lt of evaporated water/h, after the potentiation can guarantee 9.500 Lt of evaporated water/h.

Usually, in a way to elaborate the offer, we send a skilled technician, who besides to study the engineering of the potentiation system, he totally check the spray drier to find possible damaged parts (e.g.: cone, cylinder, hot air diffusor, exhausted air pipings, cyclones, etc…), that could prevent the full performance of the machine.

Spray driers potentiation systems and spare parts


Before: 3.500 Lt H2O evaporated H2O/hour.


After: 10.000 Lt H2O evaporated H2O/hour.