Anti-wear rubber linings

Certech Anti-wear rubber linings: Long experience 30 years

Compared with silica linings, there is the advantage of a lower thickness, so that there is an increase of the mill useful volume and thus the possibility to grind more material in the same time.
Another advantage of the rubber lining is the noise reduction. The installation and maintenance of the rubber linings for discontinuous mills are executed in very short times. The first installation that foresees the mill drilling and the rubber assembling, can be executed in about 5-6 days, in base on the dimensions of the mill, that can be immediately used.

The lining replacement, instead, can be executed in about 4 days in base on the dimensions of the mill, that can be immediately used. The maintenances of continuous mills are also very fast, in base on the materials availability in warehouse and the extremely qualifi ed staff for the installation. The rubber linings can be used for discontinuous and continuous mills for wet grinding. Several companies have developed this lining technique, which is nowadays considered the most economic, reliable and practical lining in maintenance phase.

The lining locking system on the cylinder changes according to the used design. See the LINING DESIGN diagram for the different systems. The heads are lined with bolted rubber plates. We are specialized in the supply of rubber linings for mills with different designs and profiles. Since 1983 we have been installing 2400 linings for discontinuous mills and 280 linings for continuous mills. Our linings have a qualified and prompt technical assistancefor any service intervention.

Certech : certification of the Made in Italy

The production sequence of the rubber products manufactured by Certech is of primary importance for us. Each rubber item we manufacture can be traced from the moment in which it is sold until the end of its service life. This is possible thanks to the identification code that is stamped on each part and to a special mark, which identifies the month and year of production. Another important feature of all ur rubber products is the following: all items are MADE IN ITALY. In this way, we can grant to our customers a guaranteed, top quality product that is constantly checked by our staff.

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