Rubber linings for continuous mills

Certech: Rubber linings and modification of continuous mills

We started supplying rubber linings for discontinuous mills, and then, from 1988 since now, we experienced a remarkable development mainly in the continuous grinding. Succeeding, thanks to our technical staff, to follow the developments of the plants suppliers we are now able to supply pieces or complete rubber linings for any mill type or make.
Our experience taught us that to obtain the best grinding, in base on the bodies, different designs and profiles can be used for the cylinder lining.

Thanks to a team of highly qualified technicians, our company can provide turnkey solutions to transform single-chamber continuous mills into mills with two or three chambers.
This solution is normally adopted in the following cases:
– to stiffen the body of the mill, which is subject to flexure that could cause breaking;
– to increase the production output of the mill and use grinding bodies of different types at the same time.
In the following photos, you can see all stages of transformation of the mill.