Spray dried powder recovery system

Since years Certech takes care of the problems about the reduction of the ceramic rejects. After a careful analysis in the press department, and in base on the more and more considerable cost of the raw material, we have decided to settle a system for the dust recovery. Certech offers a kit of suction and dust recovery to apply to the press in a way to empty the recovery hoppers of the feeding trolley and to transfer the product in the feeding upper hopper. The system is pre-arranged to collect the product till at 8 sources, divided on the two sides and to send it to a single destination.
Clearly the system can be dimensioned for what about the number of the suctions to connect, while the matter of the single destination remains fixed.


Power supply voltage 400V 3P+E 50Hz. Compressed air pressure 6 bar minimum flow-rate.


A Collection pipe running to extraction system B
B PIAB extraction system
C Pressure reducer (main compressed air connection)
D Local controls for extraction system
E Main press hopper (existing)
E1 Main feed for the press hopper
G Local control panel for the proposed extraction system
H Connecting pipe complete with extraction system valves
I Connections to the existing hoppers
L Filler box electrical board (if present)
M Press filler box


2 x lengths of rigid pipes AISI 304 stainless steel (H) complete with automatic cutoff
valves and inlets for flexible spiral pipes (I) for connection to the collection hoppers.
Rigid connection complete with inlets between the lengths (H) and the length (A).
Flexible pipes (A) standard 10 m lengths for connecting the collection system to
the extractor.
Electricity (F) and pneumatic connection lines, standard 10 m length, for connecting
the control board to the solenoid valve control board (D).


Vacuum extractor (B), PIAB model 3304, complete with pump and filters, discharge valve, pressure reducer (C) to connect to the general extraction system (at customer charge) and control solenoid valves (extraction and discharge valve) to be connected to the control board located at ground level (G). The discharge to the existing press hopper is excluded (at customer charge).


Electrical command and control board for the proposed extraction system composed of:
– painted steel casing
– extraction timer system
– operating cycle
– panel (located on the hatch) for entering extraction timings for the operating cycle.