DRIER-ES – System for energy saving in vertical and horizontal driers

Certech has for years assisted its clients in the search for innovative and effective solutions for increasing their companies’ profitability.
Certech has perfected a system for monitoring the consumption of methane gas in a vertical and horizontal ceramics driers.


DRIER-ES is a system that, by intervening in the production process in a way that is totally transparent, reduces the consumption of methane gas and electrical power of the driers. Its action is encapsulated in the use of a special calculation algorithm that examines the various parameters for the calculation of the KTVO and adjusts the extraction of air from the drier, so reducing unnecessary waste.

Furthermore DRIER-ES gives the operator the ability to display, save and print the following values:

  • Total gas consumption in m3
  • The drier’s hourly flow-rate in m3
  • Average flow-rate based on the system’s operating time
  • Drier stop time
  • Drier working time
  • Consumption while stopped
  • Consumption while running
  • Quantity of tiles passing through the drier
  • KTVO

The above-listed values relate to a given recipe duly entered into the HMI of the process.

The DRIER-ES system is simple to install and requires only special data communications with the drier’s electric board.

The board is limited to the installation of a transducer and to the installation of an electronic gas consumption meter if not already present.


1  – Control transducer for a motorised gas regulation valve
2  – Chimney extraction fan
3  – Gas meter
4  – Certech DRIER-ES Control system
5  – Power supply
– I/O communications with the existing electrical board
7  – Gas inlet pipe
8  – By-pass valves
9  – Chimney humidity and temperature monitoring probe
10  – Output tile moisture measuring device (optional)
11  – Photocells for counting the tiles entering and exiting
12  – Ethernet connection (optional)
13  – Pressure transducer (optional)