“Bell type” glaze application station with nozzle.

1400150020 D. 460
1400150021 D. 660
1400150022 D. 800
1400150023 D. 1000
1400150024 D. 1200
1400150025 D. 1500

Bell station controlled by Fluxy.


Glaze Coating Head for the application of glaze, engobe, crystal grit and water, entirely made of stainless steel. Ground blade made of hardened steel. Innovative system for lining of the glaze coating head, consisting of patented “abrasion-proof” rubber, o eliminate air and create
a perfect coat, even with water. Mounted on a C-shaped frame for easy and quick installation.


Automatic Flow Control System. It constantly controls the amount of glaze applied to the tile. It is equipped with a visual device to signal any faults in glaze application. By acting on the motor’s RPM, you can adjust the amount of product to apply. By means of this system, you can reduce the consumption of current, reduce wear on the rotor and obtain fewer changes in the physical characteristics of the glaze.
Led lighting kit.
Feeder for MATRIX Glaze Coating Machine
Mixer D 800 with double motor drive, anti-bubble system and outlet for rapid and complete drainage of product; the agitator runs at low speed to preserve the physical characteristics of the glaze.

Double disc glaze/engobe spray cabin with inverter model KR-1.

1400550061 F. 650
1400550080 F. 880

Single disc cabin Mod. KR-1.

1400500012 F650

Glaze nebulization cabin with spray gun model KA.

1400300015 F. 650
1400300024 F. 900
1400300025 F. 1100
1400300026 F. 1300

Airless Cabin

1600000072 F. 1800×1400 bocca 1100
1600000073 F. 1800×1400 bocca 850

Airless cabin with lower tank at double discharge.

1600000070 F. 2500×1400 bocca 1100
1600000071 F. 2500×1400 bocca 1100


Piston pump suitable for glaze, engobe, graniglia, and fixative, among others. 3 heads mechanically activated, with piston/diaphragm coupling, with anti-wear valves for the entrance/exit of the product.

– Motor start up: With inverter;
– Reduction gear – pump coupling : self-aligned joint with rubber crown;
– Max. power: 0,75 Kw;
– Voltage: On the customer request;
– Service: Continuous;
– Max. pressure: 20 bar;
– Max capacity: 20 lt/min.
– Pump oil quantity: 0,5 lt;
– Frame: All stainless steel;
– Movement: 2 static wheels and 2 dynamic wheels;
– Control switchboard through display and control for:
• Desired pressure setting (automatically maintained); • Start – stop; • Manual – automatic (pressure control); • Technical data (tension, power, Hz., among others); • Flashing (at control panel): for max. pressure (rapid flashing) nozzles control (slow flashing); • Nozzles control: with flashing indicator stop and flashing button;

– It is supplied with: 5 mts. of electrical cord for the pump, plunger pipe for glaze with filter 0,5 mm, 4/6 outlets for product exit discharge.

Machine for the application of grits, vetrous products, frits and atomized glazes.

1400050000 F. 650

Stainless steel sucking for grits.


Engobing machine with spingum roller and double tank.

1200800000 F. 450
1200800002 F. 650

Engobing machine with spingum roller without motorvariator.

1200800016 F. 650

Engobing machine with motor driven spingum roller.

1200800006 F. 650