Glazing Systems

Innovative solutions through constant evolution

CREATECH, the company skilled in the supply of complete glazing lines and high quality machines, always oriented to meet the needs of the ceramic field, through a constant technological research it has evolved with the aim of producing innova- tive materials at the highest producing technical performance, always researching the perfect quality at the highest customer satisfaction. It was partially added to the CERTECH Group in 2012 and now in 2014, we acquired the 100% interest. It completely embraces the CERTECH’s philosophy: supply innovative solutions through constant evolution paying particular attention to detail and quality of the products through our solutions. CREATECH has shared the Group’s mission: the experience our strength, the care of the detail and the quality of the materials our difference, assistance and service your confidence. Today CREATECH, thanks to the recognitions given to us by our customers, has increased in size and productivity, with a warehouse of 3000 m2 / 32300 ft2 and 400 m2 / 4300 ft2 of offices. In addition, our commercial network and technical staff is at your order to guarantee a superb assistance and service.