Column vertical modular centrifugal electropumps for the pouring of abrasive fluids such as ceramic slips, with the possibility of continuous operation. With external motor and pump body submerged in the fluid to lift (the suction pipe and bottom valve are not necessary). With bell and coupling joint to Certech motors manufactured according to IE2 high performance standards. The impeller and the pump body are realized with hard cast-iron to resist to the abrasive action. The hydraulic features are supplied for motors at 6 and at 4 poles.
The pump body is manufactured with modular concept with possibility of varying the length by introducing or eliminating modules. Each module has shafts and bearings. The double mechanical seal is in Widia, at closed monoblock, with airtight external body, realized with protected springs that are able to resist to hardened fluids. One of the feature of this pump is the fixing at the bottom of the tank, realized with a stainless flange fixed to a cast iron strainer that supports the whole weight of the pump. Alternatively, the electropump can be however supported from the top. It is
foreseen the insertion of an axial crusher to the impeller that is able to move the product near the impeller, making priming easier in case of sedimentation. The suction is from the bottom and the delivery is lateral. The passage of the solid parts in suspension is allowed up to 15 mm diameter. Special executions on demand: motor of 60 Hz, board with inverter. Optional:
1) Automatic system of pressure, fluxing water flow control and seal cooling.
2) Automatic system of fluxing water control and closed circuit seal cooling.

Performances with WATER

Type Installed power (Kw) RPM Delivery m 3 /h 20 40 60 80 100
l/min 330 660 1000 1330 1660
LSPM116-A 11 960 Head metres H2O 22  21  20 18  12
LSPM154-A 15 1450 44 42 38 34 21

Performances with SLIP 1.7 kg/lt

Type Installed power (Kw) RPM Delivery m 3 /h 20 40 60 80 100
l/min 330 660 1000 1330 1660
LSPM116-B 11 960 Head metres H2O 19  18  17 15  11
LSPM154-B 15 1450 38 37 35 31 20